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FastComet 24Hours Flash Sale 2020 – UP to 60% OFF!

Searching for FastComet Flash Sale 2020, you are in the right place. FastComet has started their 24 Hours Flash sale 2020.

If you want to start a blog or get your business online. FastComet is the perfect hosting solution. It is affordable yet powerful enough to host any website or application.

FastComet is offering up to 60% OFF using coupon on all shared hosting plans and locations. We are going to discuss all the shared hosting plans. So interested people can take benefits and do huge savings on hosting plans.

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FastComet Hosting Overview

FastComet was started as a privately owned global web hosting company in 2013. Since then it started growing quickly and now managing over 50,000 websites on their servers. it has become the first choice for hosting solution for bloggers.

FastComet Flash Sale

They keep on improving their services to provide good and reliable products at the end. It is all possible because of 70+ dedicated employees. they have expanded to 11 datacentres throughout the world.

FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

FastComet offers three variants of shared hosting. these plans are ideal for a starter website and a new business venture. It includes all the tools, services, and starter kit to start a new venture.

Let’s check out FastComet shared hosting plans.


It is cPanel powered shared hosting plan. this plan provides everything that a new website will need to launch. It includes all the services and a website starter kit to build a new website.

FastCloud Plan

With FastCloud a single website can be hosted with a storage space of 15GB SSD. This plan can host around 25,000 unique monthly visitors on the server. It is just for reference purposes and doesn’t impose limitations.

Multiple server locations are available for clients to choose a preferred location. Having datacentre closure to visitors will provide lightning-fast speed. It will increase the overall user experience on the website.

FastCloud plan offers 2 Cores CPU with 2 GB RAM. It is sufficient for handling small and starter websites.

Users can transfer one website from the old server to FastComet servers for free.

FastCloud Plus

It is an advanced plan of FastCloud. This plan comes with all the features and services included in the previous version plus advanced features.

It offers unlimited website hosting on its server with 25GB SSD storage. There are no limitations on website hosting and serves over 50,000 unique monthly visits. It is suitable for medium-level websites and applications.

The plan comes with 4 Cores CPU and 3GB of RAM. It is more powerful than the basic version. The advance plan offers website transfer up to three websites. Beyond that, they will charge a little amount for migration.

FastCloud Extra

This plan comes with all the above plans features and services plus an extra boost. It is the highest version of a shared hosting plan. it is designed for big size websites and applications.

There is no limit on website hosting on this server. The client can move up to three websites here and beyond that, some fee will be charged.

It offers 35GB SSD storage space with 100,000 unique monthly visitors. It is sufficient for handling heavy traffic websites.

The server comes with 6 Cores CPU and 6GB of RAM. This specification makes it robust for heavy loading websites and applications.

The plan includes cache plugins and boosters to optimize the website speed and page loads.

FastComet Top Features

1. Free Domain Transfer

FastComet offers free domain transfer service in all three plans. Only, in the first basic plan, they offer only 1 domain transfer. In the rest of the plans, there is an unlimited domain transfer feature.

It is very simple to park domains on FastComet servers. they also professional help beginners to move their existing domain.

2. Free Website Transfer

Existing websites can be easily transferred for free on FastComet servers. there is only a limit on the basic plan and the rest of them have unlimited website hosting.

 in the basic plan, only one free website transfer is offered. While on advance plans up to three free website transfer is provided.

Clients can move all their existing websites on FastComet servers. they have to pay a little fee if they move the website beyond three.

3. SSD Storage Space

FastComet servers use only SSD drives. SSD drives are extremely faster than old HHD drives. It offers great read and writes speed that helps in faster page loads. The server is quickly able to retrieve information from the database to the user. this provides faster page loading to visitors.

4. Free CloudFlare CDN

Cloudflare CDN service manages the website speed and traffic in all geographic locations. It allows the website to load faster to visitors globally. This helps the website to achieve speed on all locations and server every user faster.

5. Daily Backups

Keeping data safe should be a priority. FastComet offers free daily and weekly backups service. So all the data would be safe and will be accessible anytime if needed.

6. 24/7/365 Support

FastComet offers powerful technical support. Technical support is available for 24 hours anytime anywhere. The support is very quick to reply and offer solutions. They work every hour to be available for clients’ support.

Clients don’t have to take any stress as they offer managed support. So experts will take care of all the problems.

7. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Clients have 45 days to cancel the plan for a refund after signup. They can test and use all the services to verify the reliability. As 100% of customer satisfaction is the prime goal of FastComet. They give higher priority to the customers.

How to get FastComet 24Hours Flash Sale Discount?

FastComet has started a 24 hours flash sale. It is very simple to activate the offer and save money.

24Hours Flash Sale

First, go to the FastComet Official website. on the top, 24 Hours Flash sale will show up. Click on the view deals button to expand the sale.

Now, A sale page will appear with the 24-hour count down. A coupon code will be there on the bottom.

“SAVE60” is the coupon code for 60% OFF on all shared hosting plans. So copy this code and then click on the “Start Now” button.

It will take you to the Shared hosting plans page. It is a three-step process. Choose any hosting plan you want to join. Click on “Get Started”, it will take you to register the domain name.

If you want a new then enter it in the search bar. Or if you already have then click on “I already Have domain name”.

After that account details will be required to fill up and then complete the payment process. Paste the coupon code where it will ask for. Then a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail. Mentioning that account is now activated and can start setting up the website.

Now, you have successfully bought a premium hosting service with huge savings.

Final Words

FastComet is a perfect hosting solution for the online venture. it offers top-class premium features to build a professional online presence. powerful and reliable support is provided for anytime help.

It is the best chance to start an online venture. as 60% off is offered on all shared hosting plans for just 24 hours. So hurry up and start an online venture right now!

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